Dennis Lustico

Dennis Lustico began in the fashion industry designing for a renowned men’s label where he honed his unparalleled skill at tailoring. In the early 2000, Lustico made his solo fashion breakthrough where his feminine dresses were the entire rave among Manila’s stylish set. Lustico surely knows elegance and restraint. The best-dressed women were soon going from one event to another in divine dresses by Lustico.

Jaggy Glarino

Jaggy Glarino is talented and self-made. He is no design competition novice. He is one of the three winner of Bench Awards in 2017. He graduated with a degree in nursing and passed the US nursing board. He has no background at making clothes. He pursued his passion and started teaching himself the basics of fashion design. He then worked under a more experienced designer, learned the ropes, joined a fashion design contest, started his first collection —  and the rest is history.

Ivarluski Aseron

Aseron never does things half heartedly. He will either be brilliant on the runway or back at his studio. Ivar’s ability to make classic pieces exciting comes from his understanding of fabric and construction. He earned this via years of experience and starting from the very basics. Ivar would work under Bobby Novenario and join fashion competitions. Twenty years later, Ivarluski is one of the most sought after designers for Manila’s best-dressed and among brides who wish to have not just a wedding gown, but also a piece of art.

Lulu Tan-Gan

When you think of knits in the local fashion industry, one name comes to mind—Lulu Tan-Gan is, after all, called the Queen of Knits for a reason. She has earned the title, an honor that recognizes her mastery of a craftsmanship, and her ever-evolving grasp of fashion trends. Hailed for her iconic and beautifully crafted woven pieces, Lulu Tan Gan is no stranger when it comes to fashion design and merchandising. 

John Herrera

John Herrera founded his couture line, Herrera, in 2008. It was established in Manila, Philippines. Specializing in Couture Evening Wear and Special Occasion Wear for both men and women. He first showed in London in 2015 at the International Fashion Showcase, produced by the British Fashion Council. That same year he showed for the first time at the Tokyo Fashion Week (Then Mercedes Benz) produced by the Japan Fashion Week organization (“Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo”).

Rhett Eala

Rhett’s professional career started in 1990 when he joined Rustan’s as one of its in-house designers. While there, he conceptualized the Due brand, which eventually became one of the department store’s best sellers for womenswear, especially the slip dresses in luxurious fabrics.


Chris Nick

The signature Chris Nick look epitomizes strong aura beyond silhouettes—a timeless and elegant look that is understated but very sexy, luxurious but never overdone. Chris Nick has always been fascinated with fashion—the glamour it exudes and the exclusivity of it all. The designer studied in export management, and fashion and design marketing, where he started creating his collections.


Jun Escario

Jun Escario is a Filipino fashion designer celebrated for his bridal wear and evening formats. Having built a credible and much respected following both in his home in the resort city of Cebu and in the financial capital of Makati City, Escario continues to expand his fashion reach by catering to brides-to-be who come from all over the Philippines and other countries.


Randy Ortiz

Considered as one of the most exciting and innovative fashion brand in the Philippines, Randy Ortiz gained national prominence in the early 1990’s when the brand revolutionized men’s wear. The mixture of prints and colors gave the traditional male a new way to dress. After the brand’s debut, it was sold in one of the most prominent fashion store where his collection became a fashion staple.


Rosanna Ocampo

Beautiful, charming and arrestingly stylish, Rosanna Ocampo is now one of the most in-demand Filipino fashion designers. She has been a perennial favourite amongst Manila’s most stylish women since her eponymous label debuted. In 2014, when she introduced her black label, ORO, she capitalised on formal and eveningwear. She extended the line to luxe RTW tops, which as expected, has been extremely well received. She also loves integrating local materials to her collections. From being 100% custom-made for seven years, Rosanna’s line is now 70% ready-to-wear.



YOYA Gueco is a Canada-based Filipino Fashion Designer. She started in fashion in 2006 as Rajo Laurel’s Creative Assistant. Now, YOYA has become a fashion brand of contemporary womenswear. YOYA is a challenger of conventional notions and norms, but always with the goal to constantly surprise. Often defying traditional ideals of femininity and beauty with such offbeat eclecticism, the garments don’t rely purely on a woman’s sex appeal. The brand’s aesthetic of YOYA sits somewhere between high culture and the ordinary world — practical with the right amount of beautiful, ingenious fantasy.


Hindy Weber

Hindy Weber is a Filipino fashion designer, biodynamic farmer, and holistic lifestyle advocate who is championing a more radically conscious approach to the the way we eat, shop, consume, and create.

Enamoured by fashion since childhood, Hindy has always been intrigued by how we use garments and accessories to express our emotions and spirit.

“I love beauty in all its forms, and I want to be able to make others feel beautiful.”

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