"Get In The New Mood Of Shopping For Local Designer Fashion Online" by Daniel Reyes


Veteran Filipino designers are set to redefine the local fashion industry as they join forces in a world-class online shopping experience for everyone.

Whether we like it or not, we have no other choice but to adapt to the changing times. The so-called new norm brought to us by the coronavirus pandemic made us search for alternatives to keep businesses afloat. And with the fashion industry extremely affected by the shift of consumer behavior, we are presented with a challenge on how to navigate in the current fashion climate.

Taking this into account, notable figures in the industry such as Los Angeles-based designer Puey Quiñones, Cathy Binag, and Lifestyle Asia’s Editor-in-Chief Dong Ronquillo came up with an idea to launch a ready-to-wear fashion site called, The New Mood.

Jaggy Glarino’s Collection

“We want to foster the Filipino fashion community by helping designers continue their craft and expand their reach in this new way of living,” The New Mood’s President and Co-Founder Dong explains. “[It] aims to showcase Filipino craftsmanship to more Filipinos here and around the world.” But apart from showcasing the true beauty of our rich heritage and culture, Dong also shares to MEGA that there are a lot of workers who rely on these designers for their everyday survival.


Lulu Tan-Gan's Collection 

And that’s exactly what The New Mood is all about: adapting to whatever changes in our lifestyle, always helping the entire community whatever obstacle it may encounter. “It’s a fashion that adapts to the changing lifestyles brought by what’s happening around us and predicts the future lifestyle,” Dong adds. “That’s why our tagline is: Thoughtful fashion for thoughtful living. With the new normal and the new way of living, fashion will always evolve.”

Meet The Veterans

Of course, the planning and preparation before launching The New Mood weren’t easy at all. While they initially started conceiving about the concept of their latest venture around April, there were a lot of challenges (such as the launch production) given that they’re functioning in a different and difficult time. Although this may be, they just kept on moving forward and finding solutions. 

Creative Director and Designer Dennis Lustico

Dong explains that his brand_it team did the concept, branding, e-commerce site down to the packaging. On the other hand, Dennis Lustico served as the Creative Director who crafted the mood board, and then the whole team chose the designers featured this season.

For the inaugural release of The New Mood, the concept highlights collections from four top Filipino designers: Ivarluski Aseron, Jaggy Glarino, Dennis Lustico, and Lulu Tan-Gan. With pieces for both men and women, it serves as a new platform for designers making practical and thoughtful pieces accessible to clients.  


Dennis Lustico’s Collection

For Dennis Lustico’s collection, he focused on creating “functional, classic, investment pieces” that are very anti-fast fashion. Then Ivarluski Aseron highlighted pieces that are very much structured and minimalist with a color palette that is soothing to the eye.


Ivarluski Aseron’s Collection

Furthermore, The New Mood seems like it’s also redefining loungewear as Jaggy Glarino’s collection captures the feeling of exhilaration and comfort. His pieces are made in cotton and stretch fabrics, as well as colors that are very relaxing and fresh with subtle hint of earth tones and dark denim. 

Jaggy Glarino’s Collection

Rounding up the featured designers is Lulu Tan-Gan whose label has always been about travel-friendly clothing and timeless separates. “I used the colors of blues and greens which reflect our sea life in the Philippines because I’d like to bring them back to the city and give it an urban feel.”


Lulu Tan Gan’s Collection

The Beginning Of The Future

The launch and the New Mood virtual fashion show is only the beginning. Dong mentions that they already have a next collection in sight—a Holiday collection. They’re eyeing it to be released in September 2020 featuring another set of five designers, and choose one new and high potential designer in the mix. And hopefully, when everything normalizes next year, they plan to launch capsule collections in between Spring/Summer and Holiday collections.


Ivarluski Aseron’s Collection

“Expect more veterans and up-and-coming Filipino designers in the future. We will have more exciting collections that will really suit your needs for the new way of living,” he details. By doing so, The New Mood would surely keep on providing a new channel for several designers to reach a wider target market and a new stream of income.

Follow The New Mood on Instagram for more updates on future collaborations and releases.

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