"Philippine Fashion Designers Come Together To Elevate The Fashion Experience Online" by Bianca Salonga


The designer experience in the Philippines is unique in that clients or wearers actually have a personal relationship or connection with creators of their garments. In pre-COVID times, clients would visit the atelier of their favorite designer, have a chat, collaborate on a new piece. Sometimes, client and creator would even step out for coffee or cocktails. This is high fashion in the Philippines—intimate, personal and perpetually imbued with affection. Clients are friends and vise versa. Fittings with designers are as special are the events themselves. In fact, the process of finishing your ensemble is, in itself, a special event.

Intrinsically, the local fashion landscape is anchored on craft and all things bespoke. Once in a while, a regarded designer would launch a ready-to-wear line, but never fast-fashion market. Pieces would consistently be limited and handcrafted. Transitioning to a digital realm has also been an ongoing conversation in amongst industry players, but it was only during the recent pandemic that it had become an inevitable and immediate prerequisite for moving forward into a new world order.

Envisioned as an online marketplace for exceptional Philippine ready-to-wear pieces, NEW MOOD, launched in July 25 as a response to the current climate in the fashion industry. Its founders, Cathy Binag, Puey Quinones and Dong Ronquillo wanted to create a venue that would “showcase Filipino craftsmanship to more Filipinos here and abroad.”

Four of the country’s most forward-thinking fashion designers will usher in the site’s launch: Ivarluski Aseron, Jaggy Glarino, Dennis Lustico and Lulu Tan Gan. Each collection, according to New Mood Creative Director Dennis Lustico, was decidedly “functional, classic, investment pieces that are very much anti fast fashion.” The main idea, said the team behind New Mood, was to bring practical, thoughtful and well crafted pieces more accessible to clients. Designs are likewise conceived to complement new lifestyles and mindful consumption. Pieces go beyond trend or season. They are instead more transitional in that they are crafted to function as style staples throughout the year.

Here, are look at wardrobe essentials from The New Mood.  

DENNIS LUSTICO presents an anti-thesis to fast-fashion via streamlined pieces that transcend seasonality.

IVARLUSKI ASERON proposes a wardrobe of seamlessly tailored genderless pieces in soothing neutrals.

Ivaraseron proposes genderless dressing via ultra structured tops for both men and women.
A wardrobe for both him and her by Ivarluski Aseron at New Mood.

JAGGY GLARINO creates loungewear that’s crisp, refreshing and effortlessly polished.

Crisp patterns and colorways by Jaggy Glarino for New Mood redefine loungewear.

Soothing hues ideal for lounging at home or a day out and about by Jaggy Glarino for New Mood

LULU TAN GAN takes you places with timeless knits and hand-dyed lace that distinguish Philippine craft.

Hand dyed lace top by Lulu Tan Gan for New Mood


Knit and hand crafted pieces from Lulu Tan Gan for New Mood are timeless and distinguished by superior workmanship


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